Revolutionizing Healthcare Access in Malaysia

Escaping the burden of endless waiting lines for quality healthcare has been our Malaysian aspiration. Progress has been made, yet persistent wait times linger. United by a fervor to transform this reality, we birthed DoctorOnCall in May 2016. Malaysia's pioneering online Medical Video-consultation platform merges cutting-edge technology with our nation's top medical minds. This proven concept, embraced globally, now empowers our patients to connect swiftly and affordably with trusted doctors. With a digital healthcare future ahead, we ensure excellence while maximizing accessibility. Stay tuned for updates on our journey.

Elevating Your Healthcare Experience

Your well-being is our utmost concern. Our commitment to delivering premier medical care involves a stringent selection process for our board-certified doctors. A meticulous sequence of interviews and rigorous training precedes their interaction with real-life cases.

Our dedication to quality assurance includes:

All DoctorOnCall doctors hold valid Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) Registration and Annual Practicing Certificates (APC).

Each doctor undergoes comprehensive tele-consult training involving 10-15 calls with patients and the Medical Director.

Once doctors attain our set performance benchmark in training, they gain authorization for patient consultations.

At DoctorOnCall, safeguarding privacy remains non-negotiable. Industry-standard safety protocols underpin our TeleHealth services.

Navigating Health Content at DoctorOnCall: Unveiling Our Expertise

DoctorOnCall is a treasure trove of health insights, furnished with a comprehensive array of Questions and Answers. These responses, meticulously crafted, hail from our esteemed board-certified doctors. Our medical content encompasses information about common medications, carefully authored by a panel of doctors and pharmacists equipped with professional certification in diverse languages.

Public web pages exclusively feature contributions from certified doctors with no less than 5 years of experience. Ensuring the utmost accuracy, a team of diligent editors perpetually assess and refine the content gracing our website.